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Metropolitan Medical Foundation of Oregon

Caring about the community


It is the mission of the Metropolitan Medical Foundation of Oregon to support activities which improve health education and the delivery of health care to the community.


The Metropolitan Medical Foundation of Oregon (MMFO) was founded in 1992. In the early years of MMFO a number of grants were awarded in the area of child immunization. Over the years MMFO has become quite diversified in its grant making, seeking to meet community needs that are consistent with its mission. In 2002 MMFO established a Mini-Grant program, which awards grants up to $500 to those developing small projects in addition to MMFO's regular grant making.

Since its inception in 1992, MMFO has awarded more than $116,000 for 73 community health projects.
Grants are awarded for projects serving the metropolitan region that includes Clackamas, Multnomah, & Washington  counties, and some parts of  Clark County in SW Washington.

How it Works

FlowerstreeThe Mini-Grant program funds project requests up to $500. Grant awards are made on a quarterly basis. Projects should support the mission of the Foundation. Please click the Mini-Grant Application link on the left to download the application. The application may be faxed to 503-222-3164  or mailed to 4380 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 215, Portland, Oregon 97239. 

Limited funds require that MMFO be selective in making grant awards. The Mini-Grant program is designed to support small projects, not to contribute small amounts for much larger budgets. It is not intended to provide partial support for ongoing activities that will not change in any significant way from year to year. Mini-Grants will not usually be awarded to any organization in consecutive years.

Grant applicants searching for assistance for larger projects should submit in writing a complete description of the project with a timeline, a detailed budget and identification of lead staff for the project.  As a small foundation with limited assets and with a commitment to our continued mission of giving, MMFO has a funding maximum of $2,000.
Funds are not available for personal access to medical care.

 Previous Grants

 Board Members

  Here are just a few examples of past grant awards we have made:
  •  A family services program received $395.00 for medical resource books.
  •  A medical student received $500.00 for an evaluation of skateboard safety in Tualatin.
  •  A nursing school received $500.00 for a simulation for health careers education.
  •  Three community organizations received $2000.00 each for childhood obesity intervention initiatives.
  •  A public high school received $100.00 for smoking cessation kits.
  • President: Cathy Krieger
  • Amanda Borges, Executive Director
  • John Kendall, MD
  • George Caspar, MD
  • Anushka Shenoy, Medical Student
  • Karen R. Elliott, JD
  • Lydia Villegas, MD, President-Elect of MSMP

Contact Information

Telephone: 503-222-9977  Fax : 503-222-3164

Address: 4380 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 215, Portland, Oregon 97239

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